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Closet Door Replacement and Repair

Closet door replacement and repair examples of our work in san diego county

Closet door replacement makes difficult doors delightful!

It’s no fun when we have to wrestle the wardrobe door, right?

The good news is we make it easy so you don’t have to. We are licensed, bonded, and professional, near you, and above all, we put service and satisfaction first!

On Track offers a full suite of closet door installation, replacement, and repair solutions, including:

  • frosted glass closet door replacement
  • mirror door replacement
  • replacement wardrobe doors
  • closet door track repair
  • replace bifold doors
  • replace closet doors with sliding doors
  • closet door roller replacement
  • and MUCH more! (just ask)


What Are The Advantages of Sliding Doors?

If you’re looking to replace closet doors with sliding doors, or even to replace bi-fold doors. we agree! The most immediately noticeable advantage is increased usable space. Swinging wardrobe doors swing outward, and tend to hit whatever is in their path. As a result, this can be especially problematic in small spaces such as a small bedroom! (Yes, we can convert swinging doors to sliding doors.)

In addition to space gains, sliding doors provide a wealth of options. Doors can be frosted or mirrored, framed or frameless, trackless or triple-track, vinyl panel or raised panel. Further, we can frame mirrored doors in luxurious solid oak, maple, or hardwood!

Closet Door Replacement is Just the Beginning!

We also perform most of the common repairs you’re looking for. We fix closet door track, and similarly, we fix sliding closet door rollers (replace them). As you’d expect, we also replace mirrors, wheels, and doors, and do conversions between many of the styles.

Contributing to the quality of life San Diego is so famous for is part of our mission, and if we can help do that for you, we’d love to hear from you!

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