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Pocket Doors Increase Usable Space

That's one of their many benefits.  No door swinging into, or out of a room.   No corner or odd area of the room rendered useless.   Some reports estimate that these wonderful architectural effects add ten square feet of floor space to a room, on average, which for many rooms can make for a very noticeable upgrade!

While originally quite common to find them in Victorian-era homes, the clever and highly efficient pocket door is enjoying a resurgence in modern residential construction.

Nowadays, the space-saving features of modern pocket doors can be found in bathrooms, home offices, utility rooms, laundry rooms, and of course closets.

Expert builder Tim Carter went one step further in extolling their many virtues, proclaiming them "one of the top ten most overlooked items when many architects and builders plan a home."

But what if your home is already built?


Can Pocket Doors Be Added Later?

Yes, the good news is:  if you've already got walls, and prefer not to go chopping into them, we have a few solutions that may suit you perfectly!

Just one of the modern variations common today is called an "open pocket door," where the door and rollers are hung from a track attached to the exterior of the wall (similar to barn doors).

Make sure you call us at (760) 685-4206 or contact us to discover all your options!


What are the Benefits of Pocket Doors?

In addition to the HUGE benefit of saving/gaining space, and the great look, there is another less-obvious reason why one might choose them:   for elderly residents, disabled residents, or those with limited mobility issues, a sliding pocket door can be much easier to open than typical hinged doors that must be pulled open.   When installed with proper hardware -- have we mentioned we have some of the highest quality tracks and rollers in town? --  that ease of use can be even more pronounced.   (Give us a call!    ; )


San Diego, CA

This service was completed years ago and I am still happy with it and finally writing this review! This is the only contractor who will NOT cut a hole into the drywall to repair/replace a pocket door. My 25year old pocket door decided to get stuck halfway in its track and no one could even move it anymore. I bought a doorslab, painted it and Jeff's team came to install it. It took only 3 hours to get the old one out, prep the new one with new track and door pull and install it. It looks fantastic. And best of all, NO hole in the drywall to patch up. Very pleased. - via Yelp

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