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Pet Doors

Why Do I Need a Pet Door?

This dog loves pet doors!Pet doors give your pet the freedom they deserve (while preserving YOUR freedom too!)

Truly a door by any other name. They're often called a doggie door, a cat flap, a pet flap, or the more clearly named "cat door" or "dog door." The outcome is the same.  YOU no longer have to get up from the couch every 4 minutes to let that dearly-cherished but sometimes "commitment-challenged" feline or pooch in... or out... or in... or was it out?!??  (You get the idea.)

As we like to say:  "Stop the yap. Give them the flap!"   (Well... we don't actually ever say that, but it's catchy, right?)

The bottom line is there are a number of solutions and we love our pets, so if you're considering enhancing your loved one's roaming rights, give us a call at (760) 685-4206 or contact us via our online form.


Are Pet Doors Safe for My Pet?

Absolutely!   The most common types of pet doors are often lined with a soft vinyl or rubber. Pets are never trapped or scratched.


How Do I Keep Other Animals From Coming In Through My Pet Door?

We completely understand.  Doors are here for a reason, and sometimes that reason is keeping outside things .... er, outside!  The good news is many pet door solutions offer a locking feature, sometimes in the form of a "catch" that makes the door work only one-way, so pets can go out, but not back in (which might feel like a good idea on some days... ahem!) and then perhaps a more useful feature is to only allow a single re-entry, so that after a good romp outdoors, your pet can come back in, but then the door locks and they are "in for the night"  (or until you let them out again).

More advanced doggie doors offer clever electronic solutions that can unlock only for your pet , so long as they're wearing a special collar.   This is a great way to allow, for example, one pet to roam freely, while another gets to remain indoor-only.

And if by "other animals" you mean humans... rest easily, any good dog or cat door worth it's whiskers can lock to prevent unauthorized entry.  Whew!

For a good primer on pet flaps, check out this quick read on Wikipedia.

David K.

Encinitas, CA

You know how you hear stories about torture techniques in prison like using repetitive sounds or noise to drive people crazy?  I felt like that torturer had set up shop in our house due to the terrible noise our sliding glass door was making.  It was original and had about 5000 applications of WD40 added to it over the years.  On top of that, we were using one of those cheapie patio dog doors that the sliding glass door closes onto.  Totally inadequate, and terrible at insulating and sealing.  

Crazily, on I-5 South we were behind an On Track truck and we looked up the company on the spot.  They were a little difficult to schedule due to being really busy and not being a big company, but they showed up, surveyed the door, and gave us an estimate.  Let's just say the estimate was less than half of what we thought it'd be based on researching online.  They came a few weeks later, were on time, and had the install done in under a couple hours.  They also installed rollers on the door and now it's whisper quiet and super smooth.  We couldn't be happier with our new dog door, and there are no longer gusts of wind blowing through now that we've gotten rid of the stupid Lowes patio dog door.  

We would not hesitate to call On Track for anythign related to the sliding door, and will eventually end up hiring them to replace the whole thing. - via Yelp

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