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Patio door track repair faqsPatio door track repair questions? Sliding door repair (or other) questions?


Q:  Is Safety Glass really necessary?

A:  Not only is it a matter of safety for you, your family and your guests, it is also required by law.  Please read these posts for more information:  Safety Glass - It's the Law and this.


Q:  How long do the wheels/rollers underneath the sliding glass door last?

A:  It depends on weather, cleanliness to the track, and if it's a dual pane or single pane door.  7 to as many as 20 years.


Q:  What can I do to maintenance my door?

A:  Vacuum the track and clean it with acetone or alcohol. Spray a little silicone or WD40 and wipe excess in top track and bottom.


Q:  Can I use candle wax, motor oil, brake fluid, lithium grease, butter, Vaseline to help my door move easier?

A:  Please Don't!!!!!!  These home remedies you see on some handy man sites or Internet Q & A's are wrong.  This will make the door worse in the long run and can permanently damage your track and door.  (On the plus side, you get to get familiar with the keywords patio door track repair!  ; )


Q:  Are there wheels on top of a sliding glass door?

A:  No, only on the bottom.


Q:  Can you adjust the sliding door to make it work better?

A:  In some cases, yes, but it's very rare that this will permanently fix the problem.  The life of the bearings in the rollers are usually why the door no longer rolls properly.  In this case, proper patio door track repair can help you "stop fighting it... and start sliding it!"


Q:  Are you fully licensed and bonded?

A:  Yes absolutely, plus we have a C-17 Glazing License!  We invite you to check our current license info any time here.


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