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Sliding Door Track Repair & Replacement

Sliding door track repair is an important maintenance procedure, for both your door and your peace of mind.

Here in San Diego, we LOVE our outdoor living, right? And there is NOTHING worse than sliding open that door to welcome the world and then…. ggggggggrrrrrrrind… bump… thump… ggggrrrind. Right?

That’s when you call us and we can set things right again! You’ll be happy to know that there are solutions to fix steel and aluminum sliding door track, rails, runners and sliders. And when they can’t be fixed, we can replace them for you!

Example of sliding door track repair: new and old tracks

Patio Door Track Repair

If your track is lightly damaged, we may be able to install a stainless steel veneer cap over top of it. Light damage includes when the ball and stem part of the track has light waves, dents, valleys, gouges, or divots. (The ball and stem part is the area that the rollers ride on). Commonly, this is due to of worn out rollers. If the valleys or dents are too deep, we’ll recommend a track replacement.

Can You Repair Vinyl Sliding Door Track?

With vinyl (PVC/Plastic) doors, track commonly cracks or splits near the ball and stem. As a result, the door sinks into the crack over and over. In these cases, replacement is necessary.

Track Replacement

Sliding glass door track replacement and screen door track replacement are one of our specialties. We’d love to help you with yours!

North County coastal living can be rough on track. If the limestone in the stucco is eating away at the bottom rail, or corroding due to an improper installation, replacement is best.

PRO TIP! We use 302 non magnetic stainless steel alloy in our tracks. A number of “other folks” use 201 magnetic auto-bright stainless steel, which has a weaker wall thickness and lacks nickel. As a result, the 201’s frequently rust and split in half in the San Diego climate. You get what you pay for in the long run. We use better track.

How Does It Work?

Easy. Call or email our friendly (and knowledgeable!) service reps, and we’ll get started! We’ll visit your home to identify and order the perfect track for you. Next, we’ll follow up with track in hand and begin the install.

We begin your sliding door track repair by removing the screen door and then carefully removing the track without damaging your floor.

Once the bottom track is removed we install three-part weatherproofing flashing to ensure the track will never leak or corrode. This also ensures it bonds correctly to your foundation.

Next, we replace the rollers. This is necessary. We can’t emphasize this enough… you want new rollers on a new track!

PRO TIP # 2! Speed things up! Use our contact form to send us photos of the track and length to save time! : )

Sliding Glass Door Roller Replacement is so crucial, we’ve given it it’s own page.

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